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Miller Boat Line Announces Addition of U.S. Brig Niagara to Ferry Fleet (Not really but it is coming to the island)

It is with great fiction that we announce a brand new addition to the Miller Boat Line’s fleet. At a length of 110 feet, the Brig Niagara is the first of many ships that will eventually make up our brand new “History Line” of ferry boats. Relying solely on wind power gives this historic vessel the capability of making way at a maximum speed of ten knots, thus insuring passengers will reach Lime Kiln Dock at South Bass Island well after their desired arrival time.
Equipped with twenty total guns on the port and starboard sides, passengers will feel an added sense of security while aboard the Niagara. However, there’s a catch for those who would like to hitch a ride on this historical artifact. A brief, mandatory twelve hour square-rigged seamanship course must be completed before you’re allowed to step on this morale changing warship.
Although ticket prices will remain the same with children under the age of six riding for free, everyone must have some knowledge or familiarity with the use of muskets. Children between the ages of six and eleven must not be afraid of heights and able to climb well, approximately 118 feet atop the main mast, in order to safely deliver black powder to those on lookout.
Experiences may vary.
All information regarding the Brig Niagara’s addition to the Miller Boat Line’s fleet, minus the ship’s stats, is purely fictional. However, the Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial coming to Put-in-Bay, Ohio in late August thru September 2nd will bring with it the historic Tall Ship U.S. Brig Niagara courtesy of Miller Boat Line. For more information regarding this monumental occasion, check out our events section.

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