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Top Five Places to Watch a Sunset at Put-in-Bay

What makes sunsets so special?  They happen every night, so they’re not exactly rare.  But despite their habitual nature and just like the people that visit the islands, no two are the same.  That’s why we love them.  Colorful, unique and packed with character, sunsets are everywhere.  We just happen to think this island gives us some of the best.  So here’s an ode to the oranges, yellows and reds that make a South Bass Sunset.
1.)  On the Miller Ferry – So maybe we’re a bit biased, but the unobstructed view from both the upper and lower decks gives you a remarkable perspective of that glowing orb that falls into the water every night.  Plus the light, soft breeze in your face feels unbelievable after a hot summer day.
2.)  South Bass Island State Park Facing southwest and protected from easterly winds, the waters tend to stay calm in the evening providing the perfect canvas for a sunset.  After Mother Nature paints an oil painting in front of you, it’ll be hard to leave.  But when you do don’t fret, Joe’s Bar is right around the corner.
3.)  The North Break Wall at Perry’s Monument – Depending on the time of the year and where the sun is located, this spot can be fantastic.  The wall itself gives onlookers a perfect place to hang their feet and watch the late evening sunlight dance in between Gibraltar and Middle Bass Island.  You might even be standing where Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry once stood right before the Battle of Lake Erie in 1813, which by the way is being recreated for the Bicentennial on September 2nd.
4.)  The Upper Deck at the Boardwalk – An elevated spot on Put-in-Bay Harbor with tasty cocktails and splendid seafood, The Boardwalk is perfect for the dinner/sunset combination.  If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try an oyster shooter. 002a
5.)  Put-in-Bay Parasail – As you can probably imagine, spying a sunset while flying 300 feet in the air is the ultimate vantage point.  Although Captain Jason doesn’t stay out past dark if you’re really nice you might just catch the “green flash.”  Google it.
Don’t see your favorite sunset spot on the list?  Please let us know about your spot in the comment section.

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