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Why a Put-in-Bay Native Would Make the Best Survivor Contestant

There’s been a lot of buzz around here lately regarding a particular reality television show, and as you may have heard, there has recently been an audition right here on South Bass Island.  unnamed
There’s a large chance you’ve seen or heard about the hit show “Survivor.”  One of the first reality television shows, it pits chosen individuals against each other to see who can endure Mother Nature the longest.  In 2012 it came down to four lucky finalists with an Iowa resident named Denise Staley coming out on top.  In 2013 we think the winner won’t come from the Plains States, but from a small chain of islands in the western basin of Lake Erie.   Here’s why:
People Skills: On Survivor, knowing how to handle your competitors is just as important as navigating obstacles created by nature.  Island residents know this well.  Could be a family from Chicago or a jet set bachelorette party that flew in from every corner on the map, lively conversations will ensue.  In fact, islanders are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.
Weather Chameleons:  100 degrees or zero degrees have one thing in common when it comes to an islander’s perception of weather – it doesn’t matter.  Whether it’s ice fishing for dinner in January or taking a jog around Perry’s Monument in the midday August sun, the elements are not an issue.
Work Ethic:  Put it this way, you won’t see a South Bass Island native getting voted out of a tribal council due to lack of effort.  Island born folks are an impressive species.  Whether it’s working an 18 hour day to make sure visitors have a great time on vacation or flying to the mainland just for groceries, islanders get things done.
Mechanically Inclined:  Remember your grandfather who could fix everything?  Well that’s everyone here.  They simply can’t rely on mainland mechanics who only come to the island once a week, so they learn how to do it themselves.  Sputtering golf cart? Ferry boat engine? You name it, they’ll fix it.
Born and Raised on an Island: Enough said.
Have more reasons why you think a Lake Erie islander could win Survivor?  Let us know!

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