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The Things We Carry

That familiar, but always fantastic lobster bisque at The Boardwalk.  Those mouth watering mint infused libations at Mojito Bay.  The sweet barbecue smothered brisket at T&J’s Smokehouse.  All of the edibles on South Bass Island that make your trip so enjoyable most likely have one thing in common – it arrived via the Miller Ferry.  But it’s not just sustenance that finds its way floating across the western basin of Lake Erie, it’s virtually everything.  So let’s take a moment and ponder some of the unique things you may end up seeing on your way to South Bass Island. HistoricCars
Houses – We’re not saying you should leave your delicate china out, but people have been known to “ship” there houses.  Okay okay, that was a bad joke but it’s true.  Those modular houses that you occasionally see lumbering down the highway with a wide load sign plastered across the back may be headed for the Miller Ferry.
Historic Vehicles – Maybe it’s because there’s a historic car parade every Sunday complete with old fashioned firetrucks and cars that can’t stop without overheating or the Put-in-Bay Road Race that turns the airport into a race track, but on every day of the week South Bass Island is usually atwitter with carburetors and white walls.  1967 Pontiac GTO occupied with three lovely women making the most in life? Check. GTO
The Ohio State Marching Band – Okay so maybe we’re looking into the future a bit, but come September 1st the legendary OSU marching band will make an appearance on one of the four Miller Ferry boats for the Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial.  Coming up from the main campus in Columbus, Ohio, the band’s commute includes a two hour drive, a 30 minute boat ride and a short march that culminates at Perry’s International Peace Memorial.  Script Put-in-Bay?
Semi-Trucks – Yep, you read that right.  An automobile that’s used for carrying things turns into the thing getting carried.  Now you’re thinking, a semi-truck is not exactly unique, but how often do you see a 30,000 pound vehicle floating across the water?  Think about it.
Aquatic Vehicles Not Being Aquatic – Car-boat?  Boat-car?  We’re not sure which one comes first, be we are sure that these confused means of transport occasionally end up on the Miller.  At just under three miles, passage across the lake may prove too taxing for a car that doesn’t quite know what it is, thus they take solace in the safety and comfort of the Miller Ferry.  It’s just easier. CarBoat
Planes – What does a bi-plane and the Miller Ferry have in common?  They both have propellers, however sometimes only one set is cranking.  While the spinning blades that normally slice through the air lay dormant, the props under the water are hard at work making sure the plane arrives at its home in the Put-in-Bay airport.
See anything else unique lately?  Let us know!

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