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Means & Modes of Island Transportation at Put-in-Bay

If you’ve been to the islands you know.  If you haven’t, you’ll figure it out once you get here.  Getting around can mean choosing from a multitude of transportation options, some of which are unique.  Of course, walking is always the main option and quite frankly the most efficient considering the modest size of the Bass Islands.  However, when you’re full from breakfast at Frosty’s, sometimes the last thing you want to do is walk.
So here’s to things with wheels, and to the things without, that carry us around when we’re living the island life.
Boats – Maybe we’re tooting our own horn a bit, no pun intended (one horn for passing on the starboard side, and two for the port side), but you have to get over to the islands first.  A ride on the Miller Ferry is nostalgic, car-friendly, dog-friendly and easy.  Unless you have your own little ferry and in that case, we’ll see you out there.Imported Photos 00078
Golf Carts – The most popular form of moving about the island, these misplaced four wheeled carts run amuck on South and Middle Bass Islands.  Some gas and some electric, you’re never that far from an establishment that rents them.  Islander Tip: Don’t overload them and keep hands and feet inside the cart, road rash is no fun.
Mopeds – High revving with the capability to leave you with 80’s hair, sometimes mopeds are the way to go for exploring the off-the-beaten-path parts of the islands.
Bicycles – Sure the people on mopeds might look down on you, but deep down you know it’s better.  While they’re lazily frolicking around on something with an engine, you’re getting exercise during your exploration.  Good for you for thinking ‘green.’
Segways – Derived from the word “segue” meaning smooth transition, these eco-friendly devices are available at A&S Tours and offer unique excursions/tours across the island.  Each experience comes with a safety briefing and expert instruction so you can leave your old rollerblade pads at home.
Longboard Skateboards – Although not rentable anywhere on the islands, still an extremely cool and fun way to cruise around.  However, if you feel like spoiling yourself, they’re available for purchase at the Put-in-Bay Surf Shop next to Mojito Bay.
Automobiles – Relax and cruise around in the confines of your very own vehicle.  Did we mention you can bring them over on the Miller?  Just saying.
Kayaks – Navigating the islands isn’t restricted to land.  Sometimes the best way to see something is to take a step back and look in from afar.  Kayak the Bay offers unbelievably gorgeous views of the limestone cliffs of Gibraltar Island and gives you the chance to circle around South Bass Island on your own accord.
Your Feet – This one may seem a bit obvious, but your tootsies are truly the best form of island transportation.  Well, right behind Miller Ferry of course.
See any other interesting forms of transportation?  Let us know!

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