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Why We're Thankful for Weather

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Chances are you’ve heard someone say it already, but it’s hard to believe that the holidays are already upon us.  It seems like just yesterday we were soaking up the warmth of summer and watching the sun fall into Lake Erie around 9:00 pm.  However, summer’s departure isn’t all bad and Icethe beginning of the holidays reminds us that we’re still wildly thankful for what the island life Ice2provides even during the frothier months.  And while a list like that could turn into a short novel, we’d like to focus on one particular island-born trait that is just as fascinating as it is important: Weather.
A lot of folks tend not to place heavy importance on weather and are more rather to use it in a conversation icebreaker at the grocery store, dismissing the seven day forecast just as quickly SnowSquallas they brought it up.  But as anyone from northern Ohio knows, we’re a little bit of a different breed.  We look up wind charts, bury our face in the Farmer’s Almanac and have more weather apps on our phone than we do games – sorry Angry Birds.
What’s it all mean?  Well, we just like weather and it’s extremely important for the way we live.  We like the sun, the wind and the waves, thunderstorms, the cold northerly winds bearing down on the island during an Alberta Clipper.  We like it all and lately, nature has provided quite the spectacle.

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