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An Islander’s New Year’s Resolution for 2015

Put-in-Bay residents live on an island year-round because they love it, and not just in the summertime.  Can it get a little tough feeling island locked in the winter?  Of course, but it’s all part of the island experience.  The truth is, between making our own fun during the cold weather or relishing in the warm midwest sun in the summer, there’s so much to do over here we can’t always fit it all into 365 days.  So without further adieu, here are a few things we’re going to try and make more time for next year.
Walks in the Park – For such a small island there’s a unbelievable amount of parks and it may seem a little simple, but we want to walk around them a little more.  Whether that’s strolling around DeRivera Park in the snow, scoping a solitary sunset at South Bass Island State Park or watching boats cruise by at Scheef Nature Preserve, next year will include more park time.
Bicycling for Fun – It’s so easy to get caught up in your daily routine and forget to take some time MillerMarinaWPjust to look around and enjoy your environment.  Put-in-Bay is chock full of world class views perfectly accessible everyday via the bicycle.  Slow rolling by Oak Point or pedaling our heart out on a fast paced island lap, it doesn’t really matter, but we’re going to get out there more. 
Be a Better Foodie – Now we already do a pretty good job with this one, but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve a little bit.  Within a short walk there is an absurd amount of fantastic fare and we plan to sample all of it, multiple times.  Perch tacos at the Goat Soup & Whiskey, homemade croissants at the Village Bakery, pulled pork from T&J’s Smokehouse – the list is endless.
Take More Photos  We already mentioned the world class views, but it’s worthing mentioning again.  Put-In-Bay and the surrounding western basin of Lake Erie are the perfect backdrop for jaw dropping pictures.  It could be a refreshing spring thunderstorm, a picture perfect silhouette of Gibraltar Island behind a warm summer sunset or a surreal ice formation down at the Lime Kiln Dock.  Nature around these parts never ceases to amaze.
Spend Extra Time on the Lake – While a lot of folks may be enjoying the warmer beginning to Winter, we just had a festival dedicated to Ullr, the Snow God, and asked him to send some more snow our way so we can start ice fishing.  But it’s not just bountiful Lake Erie providing us with tasty perch and walleye, we need to get out more in all facets.  Grabbing a little boat from Kayak the Bay or flying around in a parasail chute with Put-in-Bay Parasail can be a blast.  Or maybe just learning about the water at the Aquatic Visitor Center on Peach Point.
Have some great photos of your visit to Put-in-Bay?  Find us on Instagram @MillerBoatLine and #putinbay.

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