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Put-in-Bay, Will You be my Valentine?

Wildflowers with Perry's Monument

Dear Put-in-Bay,
From the first time we laid eyes on you, we’ve been smitten.  Your beautiful limestone cliffs stretch out to the water’s edge giving us a wonderful reminder of just how long ago the glaciers etched their SunsetMway across the Great Lakes and how much history you have.  Your gorgeous natural harbor and perfect location make you so easy to access for everyone, and we like that about you Put-in-Bay – You share and are very open to new friends
Your spectacular sunsets are seemingly endless and couldn’t be more picture perfect.  You allowWaves us to hike your canopied trails, camp in stunning state parks, ride bikes from one end to the other and even let us set up fantastic restaurants along
your shores.  If that’s not love, we don’t know what is.  And it’s not just in the summertime either.
Aside from the fact that you somehow manage to stay awe-inspiringly WinterMBLbeautiful during the winter months, you always let us set up shop on your surrounding ice and provide us with some of the best ice fishing in the midwest.  Perch and walleye consistently get pulled up through small holes in the ice and yet you never even ask for a thank you.
Last and certainly not least, thank you for letting
us dock and drop off excited visitors who want to experience you.  We’veFireworks been involved in some way shape or form since 1905 and although it’s been a very long relationship, it gets better every year.  While this letter could go on forever because the list of things we like about you is endless, we’ll end it before we start tearing up.
P.S. There’s no better island on Earth.  Will you be my Valentine?
Always and forever,
Miller Boat Line

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