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The Magnificent Connection Between Put-in-Bay, Summit County, and Key West

A triangle that points the sunset and promise of yet another day in paradise.  A triangle that consists PIB-Signof three of the most fantastic, travel-worthy locations sharing a unique bond.
No doubt most who’ve been to Put-in-Bay know that it’s considered Key West’s sister island and it’s very easy to see why.  For one, they’re both islands in locations where the weather has the ability to get hot and humid, perfect for the Caribbean vibe that both archipelagos exude.  There’s the exceedingly tasty food coupled with out-of-this-world waterfront restaurants and views.  And maybe this one is just us talking, but a Florida sunset at Mallory Square looks a lot like an Ohio sunset at the South Bass Island State Park Dock.  Point is, the two places are kindred spirits.  But Summit County, Colorado?Capt. Tony's
Have a conversation with any bartender or server at Put-in-Bay and you’ll most likely notice a similarity in life stories – Their seasonal work has either taken them to Key West or Summit County.  Tropical dwellers head south while powder-seeking cold weather warriors head west.  Despite the varying temperatures, that same laid back vibe that permeates Delaware Ave. and Duval St. is palpable all across Summit County’s resort towns.  Only real difference is, instead of  having lunch in flip flops at the Goat just steps from the water, you’re having lunch in ski boots at the base of a mountain.  Oh wait, there’s a Goat in Keystone too.
That free spirit, island attitude that’s clearly visible in everyone at Put-in-Bay breeds adventurous travelers who seek similar destinations where living life to the fullest is required.  Now whether that’s listening to Pat Dailey at Sloppy Joe’s in Key West or listening to your own playlist during a powder day in Breckenridge, Colorado, the choice is theirs.Summit

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