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10 Thoughts Everyone has Upon Hearing Miller Ferry Opens for the Season

Miller Ferry Put-in-Bay on beautiful Lake Erie
Let’s face it, winter in northern Ohio was a bit tough this year.  Come to think of it, it’s been a really cold couple of years and while scraping ice off your car window certainly gets old, it makes spring all that much sweeter.  So when the ferries finally fire up and the thick layers of Lake Erie ice yield open water, you can’t help but daydream of what’s ahead.
  1.  FINALLY! – We know winters in the midwest can test even the burliest of us, but on days like this you can just sit back and realize you’ve earned it.  Just laugh and think to yourself “Put-in-Bay.”
  2. Whiskey Light is so, so close – The Roundhouse Bar.  A little light that says “Whiskey.”  April 12th.  Season commences.
  3. Can’t wait to set my clocks to island time – That feeling you get when you step onto Put-in-Bay for the first time and all of the sudden you stop worrying so much about what your cell phone says.
  4. Island friends are some of the best friends – Whether you knew them before or not, friends you make or hang out with on the island share a special bond.  Those are your island friends, those are your family.
  5. Live music, I love you – Whether it’s listening to the Killer Flamingos and Mad Dog at the Roundhouse or Mustang Sally at the Beer Barrel, somehow that band at your hometown watering hole just doesn’t cut it anymore.
  6. Sunsets, sunsets, sunsets – Sunsets are awesome everywhere, but there’s something about a letting your legs hang off the dock and watching that beautiful glowing orb melt into a cool Lake Erie.
  7. Where should we eat first? – It’s perfectly okay to admit that you’ve been drooling over perch tacos at The Goat or lobster bisque at The Boardwalk — We all have.
  8. Summer nights > Winter nights – You’ve undoubtedly already noticed how much longer the days are just imagine what early June is going to feel like.  9:30 p.m. sunsets with 84° while you’re strolling through DeRivera Park.  We’ll take that.
  9. Long weekends are the best – It can be saved vacation time or simply the fact that you’ve developed a convincing cough, sometimes taking an island Monday for yourself is not only needed, but necessary.
  10. Who should I tell first? – By now all of your friends realized that you’re their news source, you keep them in the know, you’re their Put-in-Bay hype person.  So just in case they missed it and even though everyone hates group text messages – Start one and let everybody know.  Spring has officially begun.
Have something you’d like to add to the list?  Please share!
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