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Top 7 Places to Watch the NBA Finals at Put-in-Bay #ALLInCLE

BoatHouse at PutinBay Ohio

We’d be remiss not to talk about the possibility of ending Cleveland’s agonizing 51-year professional sports championship drought.  LeBron James and the Cavaliers are without the doubt the best chance us northern Ohioans have had in a long time and we can’t lie, it’s pretty darn exciting.  Basketball fan or not, it’s hard to not cling to the edge of your seat when Kyrie Irving is dropping circus shots and J.R. Smith is going all NBA-Jam-on-fire for entire quarters.  So if you happen to be on the island and are looking for a great place to watch the games, here’s Boathouseyour definitive list.

  1. The Boathouse:  With the addition of a large projection screen, the front bar at The Boathouse is a fantastic place to watch the Cavs beat up the Golden State Warriors.  Plus fresh Lake Erie air rolling in through the open doors is perfect for cooling you down after getting all riled up in the fourth quarter.  Say hello to Danny the bartender, he’ll love it.
  2. Frosty Bar:  Legendary pizza coupled with a ice cold mug filled with your favorite
    beverage?  This iconic spot has long been known to be a useful sporting venue be it Browns, Indians or Cavaliers.
  3. Reel Bar:  Although Reel Bar is on its second year of operation, it’s quickly becoming a favorite amongst islanders and visitors alike.  Make history and go with the Perry’s Monumental Burger — A perfect compliment to a LeBron James triple double.
  4. The Goat:  For those of you who want to grab some phenomenal home cooked goodness while getting off-the-beaten-path a bit, The Goat Soup & Whiskey is right on.  They still won’t tell us what ingredients go in the secret sauce for the perch tacos, but we don’t care.Craft Beer Tasting at Frosty's, Put-in-Bay Ohio  They’re ridiculously good.
  5. Hooligan’s Irish Pub:  You’ll be hard pressed to find a bar seat without solid access to a flat screen.  Couple that with a mouth-watering Piggy Melt or Sheehan Ruck and you’ll be in good hands.  Also, don’t forget to grab a side of Hooley Dip with your fries.  Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.
  6. Mr. Ed’s Bar & Grille:  With more tv’s then bar seats (just kidding, but there’s a lot), Ed’s is a really nice spot to watch Matthew Dellavedova harass Steph Curry all game long.  As long as you’re okay with appetizers for lunch, try the Butterfly Shrimp and Ed’s Jamaican Jerk wings as a combo.
  7. Mojito Bay:  You wouldn’t expect an outdoor bar with sand floors and swings for bar seats to be a good place to watch a game, but somehow it is.  There’s something about
    MojitoBaygoing barefoot in the sand and sipping on a Mojito while you’re cheering on Cleveland’s own.

Have another great spot?  Let us know below in the comment section. Go Cavs!

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