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The Flagship Niagara is Returning to Put-in-Bay

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You know how the old captain’s saying goes, “Loose lips sink ships,” but that doesn’t apply here.  Whatever the case we can’t help but spread the word because, well, we’re excited.  It’s not everyday that this majestic, historically significant Tall Ship graces the shores of Put-in-Bay.  So to celebrate Flagship Niagara’s return to the island life, here are some cool facts you may not have known about Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry’s triumphant vessel.
Fact 1 — After the original reconstruction and towed by the USS Wolverine, the Niagara visited Put-in-Bay for the first time since the War of 1812 during the Centennial celebration on September 10, 1913.
Fact 2 — Out of the nine small ships that defeated the British squadron during the Battle of Lake Erie off the coast of Put-in-Bay, six of them including the Niagara were constructed in Erie, Pennsylvania.
Fact 3 — Throughout the course of its lifetime and partly because of records inconsistencies, the famous vessel has been referred to by five different names: US Sloop Niagara, US Brig DSC_0074Niagara, USS Niagara, Flagship Niagara and SSV Niagara.
Fact 4 — The prefix SSV refers to the US Coast Guard’s designation of the Niagara as a Sailing School Vessel.  The Miller Boat Line is a Deckhand Sponsor of the ship, sponsoring a student aboard in training.
Fact 5 — 155 men and boys manned the Niagara during the historic battle.  The boys were responsible for carrying the black powder charges from the magazine to gun.
Fact 6 — Although in non-structural areas, the present Niagara actually uses some timber from the original 1813 vessel.
Fact 7 — The current Niagara is the third reconstruction of the original vessel and was launched in 1988.
Fact 8 — The Niagara is one of two remaining vessels that served in the War of 1812, the second being the USS Constitution, which is world’s oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat.
DSC_0124Fact 9 — The Brig Niagara has a total of 15 different sails which total 12,665 square feet.
Fact 10 — If you were one of the lucky few Pennsylvania drivers who managed to buy a Flagship Niagara license plate, they are no longer issued due to police officer’s concerns regarding legibility.
The Flagship will be in port at Put-in-Bay on Thursday, July 16 and Friday, July 17 at Fox’s Dock next to the Keys in downtown.  For more detailed information visit our events page.
Are you a history buff and have another unique fact that we haven’t listed?  Feel free to share with us via social media!

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