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Summer has Officially Started…a Second Time #SummerTake2

south bass island sunset

It’s no secret, the summer of 2015 has not been ideal and just like you, we’re tired of seeing
those little cloudy thunderstorm icons on the iPhone weather app.  Good news however, we’ve been given a second chance and summer is finally here to stay.  In fact, we can’t stop checking the weather now and it’s not because there’s a threat of rain, it’s quite the opposite.  Today: SunSeeeeetSunny.  Thursday: Sunny.  Friday: Sunny.  Saturday: Mostly Sunny.  Tell us that forecast isn’t that most beautiful thing you ever seen?  Well that’s aside from a Put-in-Bay sunset of course.
Just in case all of that cool rainy stuff made you forget and because we’re celebrating this summer reboot, we’d like to share some of the things we’re doing to get our favorite season back on track.
We’ve put the long sleeves in the closet.  Just like your buddy who starts wearing flip flops in February in an act of winter defiance, we’ve folded up our warmer garments and look what happened — It worked!
We’re having cocktails out on the patio well past sunset.  Put-in-Bay is certainly not short on beautiful waterfront restaurants, decks and patios perfect for enjoying your favorite libation and we’re very pleased to announce that the South Bass island nights are once again pleasantly warm.  Boardwalk?  Boathouse? The Goat?  Hooligans?  Topsy Turvy?  The choice is yours my friend.  Then Perry'sFlowersagain, you could always try a few.
We’re letting the wind blow through our hair.  Too often this summer have we had to hide from the weather on the Miller Ferry, hoping for that glowing orb to appear and rescue us from this seasonal blasphemy that we’re supposed to call summer.  To that we’ve said no more!  We’re Kidsout on the deck with our faces in the sun taking in all of the sweet, Lake Erie air once and for all.  Today’s motivational summer speech was brought to you by Miller Boat Line :).
We’re riding bikes everywhere.  One of the best parts about being on an island is that a bicycle is one of the best forms of transportation.  Whether it’s riding out to Heineman’s Winery for a cheese plate and some Pink Catawba or stopping in the Butterfly Museum to be one with nature, our clothes are bone dry and we couldn’t be happier.
We’re sweating.  Who would’ve ever thought the simple act of perspiration would have us excited, but oddly enough, it does.  We’re sweating because it’s hot and if we have to bring an extra t-shirt we will.  Someone very wise once said “Good things come to those who sweat.”  Well said random philosophizer, well said.
We can’t wait to see you.  Not that it’s been lonely over here, but we’re ready to see more AtopMillersmiling faces.  Despite Put-in-Bay’s reputation for being a small island, there’s plenty of room for everyone.  So like us, ditch the long sleeves and come ready to sweat.  We’ll see you soon.
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