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Why a Few Days of Chilly Fall Weather is Actually a Good Thing

Okay okay, we know what you’re thinking but just hear us out on this one.  Without the cold we can’t fully appreciate the warmth.  For those of us that live in temperate climates, towards the end of every winter we always tend to get fed up with the cold.  It just happens.  When spring finally does come, that first warm day feels unbelievable.  Right now this little touch of autumn will make us appreciate the last warm days of summer that much more.
It’s kind of the like the snooze button on your alarm clock — Waking up and going back to sleep always feels more satisfying than just waking up, right?  That’s precisely what’s happening.  Summer has just hit the snooze button for a couple of days and when the season wakes back up, mid-80’s and sunshine will feel much better.
ExtendedForecastAccording to Ryan Wichman, WTOL’s meteorologist and resident island hopper, this weekend will be much warmer with an even bigger warm up starting next Monday.  So to celebrate the warmth returning to the islands, here are a few great things to do while it’s still summer.
1.  Kayak the Needle — Carved out by glaciers a long time ago, Gibraltar Island’s limestone foundation has left some very unique features behind for us to enjoy.  The “Needle’s Eye” is one of Ohio’s few natural arches is perfect for experiencing on a kayak.  Kayak the Bay, Put-in-Bay’s nearest rental, is only open through September so if you come after that date be sure to bring your own kayak.
2.  Check out the Road Races Reunion — Although this one works well without warm weather, we couldn’t help but include it.  The biggest gathering to date, the Put-in-Bay Road Races Reunion is all about nostalgia and features over 100 vintage cars.  Staged on the closed Winnerdown airport runway and racing on the same track as they did back in the day, the event honors the island’s storied racing history with the sound of unique vintage sports cars echoing throughout Delaware Avenue.
3.  Soak up the sun in Heineman’s Wine Garden — Relaxing with a nice cheese plate and a bottle of Pink Catawba all while upping your intake of vitamin D.  Sounds like a pretty wonderful end of summer bucket list item.  We’ll probably see you there.
4.  Let the Put-in-Bay Tour Train be Your Guide — Chock full of interesting and unique information about the island, you don’t have to be a once-a-year visitor to enjoy the Put-in-Bay Tour Train.  That being said, it is much nicer when you don’t have to wear a jacket.  Catch a ride!
5.  Enjoy a Patio — Put-in-Bay is legendary for many things, but perhaps one of the best is its use of outdoor dining space.  With phenomenal food at every turn and the patios to match, we Sunsetonly have so much time left to utilize them.  Now whether that’s going garden style at The Goat and The Old Forge or doing the waterfront thing at Topsy Turvey and The Boardwalk, the choice is up to you.
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