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An Ohio vs. Michigan Matchup You Wouldn't Expect: Put-in-Bay vs. Mackinac Island

On December, 4th & 5th the rival Great Lakes states of Michigan and Ohio will play host to an extremely unique sporting event.  The Mackinac Island Lakers of Michigan will be taking on the Put-in-Bay Panthers of Ohio, which is quite an impressive matchup considering both islands are only accessible by boat or plane and in separate states.  Although they come from different states, they’re both similar in that they’re gorgeous vacation destinations with natural harbors, waterfront dining, numerous outdoor activities and breathtaking views of their respective Great Lakes locales.
Put-in-Bay, Ohio
The Two islands are separated by 387 miles with a combined population of roughly 650 residents, although that number swells during summer months, and harbor high schools with graduating classes similar to the size of most city school’s first period science class.
Mackinac Island, Michigan
However, it’s not size that matters, it’s that both of these basketball teams are matching up against each other in an unprecedented Ohio vs. Michigan island showdown approximately seven days after “The Game.”  “The Game” being the Buckeyes vs. Wolverines, perhaps the most well known rivalry in all of sports.  Although a little less publicized and boasting different mascots, the Panthers and the Lakers, this unique matchup won’t be taking place in Ann Arbor or Columbus, but on the Panther’s home turf of Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island in the middle of Lake Erie. 
Quite the trek for a high school caliber team, the visiting Mackinac Island Lakers will make the nearly 400 mile journey starting with the Arnold Mackinac Island Ferry to mainland Michigan and finish with the Miller Ferry from mainland Catawba Island, Ohio to Put-in-Bay.
Although that outcome of the game is uncertain, one thing is – this isn’t your typical high school sporting event.
The game will be webcasted live on
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