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Got Ice? Beautiful Photos That Show Winter at Put-in-Bay is Late to the Party

Miller Ferry first trip of the day at Sunrise from Catawba

Even with the next few days predicted to lower the mercury in your thermometer, it’s no mystery, all you have to do is peek outside to realize so far El Nino is having quite the effect this year.  A few below-freezing temperatures, no hard frosts, no scraping of car windows (okay we don’t mind this one).  A mere week from Christmas and we’ve seen one, maybe two sparkly flakes flutter their way to the ground.  Quite the change from the past few seasons.
And while we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of some much anticipated Lake Erie ice cover which is bound to come soon, this unseasonably warm weather has allowed the Miller Ferry to run unimpeded deep into 2015 year.  We’re even planning to run one trip on both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day!
That being said, let’s take a look through a lens that shows just how vastly different island weather has been this year.

IcePIB 12-10-2013
Above: Miller Ferry Lime Kiln Dock

Below: Two years ago on December 12, 2013, this was the scene at the Miller Ferry Lime Kiln Dock on South Bass Island — Almost completely iced over.  Fast forward to December 12, 2015 at the same location below.  A spectacular sunset reflects onto a completely open, unfrozen Lake Erie during a stretch of mid-50º days.
MillerFerry 12-10-2015
Above: Miller Ferry Lime Kiln Dock

Below: High above Squaw Harbor a drone captures a completely still evening in late November.
Above: Looking east over Put-in-Bay

Below: Ferries glide by each other on an uncharacteristically calm mid-November afternoon in the western basin of Lake Erie.
Above: Western basin of Lake Erie between Put-in-Bay and Catawba

Below: Energetic seagulls pass in front of a silhouetted Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial on a mild December evening.
Above: Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial

Below: A fully loaded ferry sits in gear at the Catawba Dock amidst another gorgeous late-November sunrise.
Above: Miller Ferry Dock

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One more just because we can’t help sharing!  Lake Erie showcases a cold front, which this year seem to be few and far between, moving in from the east.

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