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An Ode to the Whiskey Light

South Bass Island Ohio at Sunset photo at the State Park

True to the norm spring weather on the north coast of Ohio has had its up and downs, yet one certainty that can’t rise and fall like the weather has us very, very excited — The dawn of yet another season at Put-in-Bay.  The one event that truly gets things going on the island.  The legendary Whiskey Light.
Though many of you surely know and don’t need a reminder, the Whiskey Light takes place at the Roundhouse on Sunday, April 16, @ 2:00 pm, with the Killer Flamingos kicking off the festivities the night before.  And while we’re unbelievably excited for the event itself, it’s what comes with that gives us even more summery goosebumps.  With that flick of that iconic red “Whiskey” light comes everything that makes Put-in-Bay so special.  It’s truly our symbol of summer.
The Whiskey Light means visitors start coming to the island on a regular basis.  Like everyone else Put-in-Bay locals enjoy their alone winter time, but they’re genuinely excited to see fresh faces trickle back onto the island.  After all, what good is a really cool place unless you can share it with others?
The Whiskey Light means days are getting longer.  Of course technically the days have been stretching out for quite some time now, you can almost feel a different kind of warmth on your face when the sun starts moving back towards the northwest.  It just feels good, more and more like summer.
The Whiskey Light means Delaware Ave starts filling up with the familiar sounds of live music.  There’s just something comforting about taking a stroll through the streets of Put-in-Bay, soaking in the tunes that slide out of the tavern doors and realizing another summer at South Bass is just beginning.
The Whiskey Light means we’re on the verge of playing outside.  Now we all know the turbulent Ohio spring weather can be feisty, but it’s close to balancing out.  Whether it’s kayaking down at the South Bass State Park, hiking Scheef East Point Nature Preserve or just challenging your friends to a quick game at the War of 18 Holes, we’re oh so very close.
The Whiskey Light means a change in footwear.  This may seem trivial, but you can’t seriously say you’re not excited to put away those clodhoppers in leu of something a tad lighter.  Say, flip flops?  Let the tan lines commence.
The Whiskey Light means our favorite island foods are almost within reach.  A delicious crepe from the Old Forge Cafe and Creperie, a toasty reuben from Topsy Turvy or a perch taco from The Goat?  We’re seriously salivating, it’s been way, way too long.
Last but not least, the Whiskey Light means the Miller Ferry is that much closer to the magical date of May 13.  While we’re pumped to add a few more trips to our spring schedule on April 29, there’s no denying it’s just a stepping stone for what we really want — Summer Trips Every Half Hour!
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