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If I Were a Dog, Where Would I Go on Put-in-Bay? 

Put in Bay Miller Ferry Pooch Parade dog in mini ferry

So you and your best pal Fido are thinking about coming to the island and have so many questions.  How do we get there?  Where do we go once we’re there?  Should we stop at the ATM beforehand for extra dog-related expenses?  Is there somewhere to plop their paws in the water?  All legitimate questions that we’re here to answer.

Miller Ferry Replica Dog Ride DeRivera Park
Pup rides through DeRivera Park on Miller Ferry Replica

Do dogs have to pay for a ferry ride to Put-jn-Bay?  Nope.  Leave your doggy dollars at home, all dogs ride for free on the Miller Ferry.  That’s right.  Not only are all furry friends welcome, but they can ride along for free.  Just make sure to keep your best friend on a leash.
Pirate Dog Pooch Parade Put-in-Bay
Sleepy pirate dog weary about getting picture taken during the Pooch Parade.

What’s the best park for a pup?  One of the great things about the island is that there’s so much green space to explore.  DeRivera Park is definitely one of the best and most accessible parks on the island, making it perfect for a prolonged stroll with your four-legged friend.  With secluded trails and small hidden beaches, Scheef East Point Nature Preserve is another wonderful spot and perfect for letting your dog get his paws wet.  And just in case your dog is a bit of a history buff and needs a ton of perfectly mowed grass to run around in, the Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial grounds are ideal.  Last, but not least is South Bass Park.  Plenty of romping room and even a beach.
Are there any fun events geared towards dogs?   Yes and in fact, there’s even a parade!  The Island Pooch Parade will be held Saturday, June 13 in DeRivera Park and encourages dogs of all shapes and sizes to participate.  Registration will open in the Gazebo at 10:00 am, followed by the children led traditional doggie stroll around the Park at 10:30. Judging will immediately follow the parade.  The $10 entry fee makes your closest friend eligible to receive a “doggie goodie bag” plus becoming qualified to compete for prizes in one or more of the following groups. The judges will look for the best pet in these categories: cutest, smallest, largest, individual best dressed, group best dressed, dog that looks most like its owner, and most unique dog.  Cats are not invited.
Pup Portrait Pooch Parade Little Boy Put-in-Bay
Boy and his best friend pose for a picture.

Can I take my pup into a bar or restaurant?   While it’s always best to ask each establishment before you go in, the best options tend to be spots with patios.  Places like the Goat, Boardwalk, The Keys, Chicken Patio, Hooligan’s…etc.  As long as your keep your buddy on a leash, your dog is usually more than welcome.  Just remember to keep them on a leash and ask first.  Islanders tend to be pretty laid back when it comes to man’s best friends.
Any unique outdoor activities I can do with my pup?  Absolutely.  Kayak the Bay near Oak Point encourages you to venture out on the water with your furry friend.  For two hours single kayaks are $20 while double kayaks run $40, which means it really depends on if you have a 100-pound Rottweiler vs. a 15-pound Beagle.   From there you can get adventures and kayak thru beautiful limestone cliffs or simply soak up the sun out on the water.  Remember to bring a towel so your pup doesn’t slip.
Dogs DeRivera Park Put-in-Bay Pooch Parade
It’s a Put-in-Bay Pooch Parade “Sniff Off”

Have any other questions about dogs on Put-in-Bay?  Feel free to ask below or share your favorite dog photo with us on Twitter and Instagram.

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