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What the Cleveland Cavaliers Win Taught Us About Ohio And the People That Live Here

Cavs Win Finals Parade through downtown Cleveland

On the off chance you’ve been out of the country without cell phone service or internet for the last five days, you’ve most certainly heard the news about Cleveland breaking its 52 year championship drought.  No longer during a multi-game losing streak can we utter the notorious “Figures, it’s Cleveland,” or the same old “Will our luck ever change?”
Well you know what Ohio?  Our luck has changed and a title has come home to Cleveland.  Years and years of dashed hopes and unrelenting banter from our so called friends who cling teams with winning pedigrees, has finally paid off.  The resilient fanbase of northern Ohio stuck it out and are now reaping the rewards, but it’s important to remember what we, as Cleveland sports fans, have learned about ourselves along the way.
Cleveland Cavaliers Championship Poster
Cleveland fans are always hopeful — Your buddy, the bandwagon Pittsburgh Steelers fan, is always quick to point out that giving up on Cleveland sports is statistically the smartest option.  Well guess what bud?  You were wrong.  And just like Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry didn’t give up on his men during the Battle of Lake Erie at Put-in-Bay, we didn’t give up on Cleveland!
U.S. Brig Niagara Battle of Lake Erie Put-in-Bay
We’re resilient — Much like Put-in-Bay locals who brave the frosty winds of Lake Erie to ice fish during the winter months, Cleveland fans fought through 52 years of cold-hearted sports misery.  Through this long, winless stretch though, we’ve endured.  Now we start our reign at the top.
Only one of these matters to us — The Drive.  The Fumble.  The Shot.  The Move.  The Hit.  The Decision.  The Comeback.
LeBron James Poster Champions
Everything is earned — As The King reminded us, “This is Cleveland, everything is earned.”  It’s not about how many times you get knocked down, it’s about how many times you get back up.  As hardened Ohioans, we all know hard work is the only way.
You can’t spell Miracle without CLE — Down 3-1 in the 2016 NBA Finals you say?  No big deal.
Ohio is the best place on the planet — Cleveland.  Columbus.  Dayton.  Toledo.  Cincinnati.  Sandusky.  Put-in-Bay.  It doesn’t matter what part of Ohio you’re from, we’re all in this thing together.  Ohio is the Heart Land.
History is made in Ohio and it’s full of firsts — First time a team came back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals.  First time the 2016 Golden State Warriors lost three games in a row. First time a Cleveland team has won a world championship in 52 years.  Historic to say the least.
This is just the start — The Cleveland Indians are sitting atop the AL Central at 41-30, a season-high 11 games above .500.  Just saying…
Progressive Field
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