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Pokemon Go to Put-in-Bay: 6 Pokemons You’ll Probably Find Here

Catch a Pokemon Go on your way to Put-in-Bay aboard the Miller Ferry from Catawba

Pokemon Go is everywhere!  The latest craze from the folks over at Nintendo has everyone, not just little ones, going wild for Pokemon.  It could be your local grocery story or your favorite burger joint, Pokemon have augmented our reality almost over night.  These little buggers have even made their way across the warm waters of Lake Erie to Put-in-Bay — We don’t really mind though, some of them are kinda cute…cuter than mayflies anyway.
Who are we to judge?  Pokemon characters aren’t immune to the charms of island life.  That being said, here’s our own personal Pokedex for which ones we think might show up on South Bass Island and where they might be.
Pokemon GO Top Tip:  E’s Golf Carts is one of the best ways to cover huge portions of the island quickly, thus increasing your chances of finding more Pokemon!
Pokemon Magikarp @ Put-in-Bay
Species: Magikarp
Possible Location: Lime Kiln Dock Miller Ferry
Much like his native brethren, the Carp, this particular character can be found just about anywhere around the waters of Lake Erie.  Miller Ferry’s Lime Kiln Dock is perhaps one of the best spots to spot a Magikarp however, because of the swarms of minnows that hang out there.  Magikarp eat minnows…or so we think.
Pokemon Wingull @ Put-in-Bay
Species: Wingull
Possible Location: The Boardwalk
It seems Wingull’s have a keen eye, which makes them perfect hunters while flying high above Put-in-Bay Harbor.  For this reason the beautiful view-inducing patio’s of The Boardwalk are ideal for spotting these feathered friends.  While you’re there you might as well just grab some bisque too.  We would.
Pokemon Zubat @ Put-in-Bay
Species: Zubat
Possible Location: Delaware Ave. at Night
Much like vampires, these little winged things only hang out at night.  Don’t mistake their cuteness for cuddliness however, because they’re always looking to attack when you least expect it.  Delaware Ave. after sundown is the perfect region to spot one of these, as they most likely will be looking for unsuspecting prey coming out of The Roundhouse.
Pokemon Squirtle @ Put-in-Bay
Species: Squirtle
Possible Location: South Bass State Park
We hear this cute little guy likes his calm water and stone beaches, which is precisely why he’ll probably be found over in the beautiful environs of the South Bass State Park.  Slow and steady as molasses, Squirtle may be found relaxing near the cliffs or even perusing around the jet-ski rental.
Pokemon Sunflora @ Put-in-Bay
Species: Sunflora
Possible Location: The Butterfly House
These happy little flower-type creatures are most active when it’s warm and absolutely love the sun.  Word on the street is that they love butterflies as well, so we have it on good authority that The Butterfly House is a prime location for spotting them.  Get there before nightfall though, or you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.
Pokemon Krabby @ Put-in-Bay
Species: Krabby
Possible Location: Scheef Point Nature Preserve
Keen on sniffing out whatever sand they can find, these crustaceans like to head out towards East Point and make themselves at home on the warm sand of Scheef Point Nature Preserve.  Be careful while you walk though, as these prickly Krabby’s might be hiding right underneath your feet.  They’ve even been known to make it as far west as The Boathouse.
Of course these are all hypothetical Pokemon Go spots — If you have any real tips for serious players, let us know!

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