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5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Your Put-in-Bay Fix

Miller Ferry Instagram sunset photos with views of lake erie

Unless you’re one of the lucky few South Bass Island residents, a trip to Put-in-Bay might not always be part of your getaway plans.  Luckily though, there’s a few other ways to cure your island fever while you’re waiting to take that trip…and if you’re reading this blog, then you already found a pretty nice one.  Wink wink.
All jokes aside, sometimes photos are the best way to transport you to a faraway land and what better way to scroll through beautiful pics than by taking to Instagram.  So with that in mind, here’s 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Your Put-in-Bay Fix.
@visitputinbay – We’d be remiss not include the official Instagram account of Put-in-Bay.  Culminating a mixture of history, food, island culture and pretty much everything you’d come to expect from your favorite island, Visit Put-in-Bay is without a doubt one of the best ways to keep your island fever at bay.
Visit Put-in-Bay Instagram
@baypaddleboarding – While kayaks have always been high on our list of favorite ways to explore the waters surrounding Put-in-Bay, paddle boarding is certainly up there as well.  It just looks fun doesn’t it?  That’s what Bay Paddle Boarding’s Instagram page does — Makes you wish you were out there on the water having fun, simultaneously making it nearly impossible to enjoy being inside working on a hot summer day.  It’s okay though, the temptation is worth it.  There’s a lot more summer weekends left.
Bay Paddle Boarding Instagram
@stonelab – You be the judge, but Stone Lab makes other forms of education look pretty boring.  Diving around North Bass Island, chemistry testing Lake Erie water samples, combining snake handling and roller coasters…I mean that last one doesn’t even seem real!  Truly a fantastic Instagram follow, one that combines history, education, biology and nature all in one.
Stone Lab Instagram
@boardwalkpib – Seafood.  Margaritas.  Seafood.  Smiling Faces.  Seafood.  Happiness.  Repeat.  Throw a couple mouthwatering burgers and some other tasty cocktails in there and that pretty much sums up The Boardwalk’s saliva-inducing Instagram page.  Everyone working there looks like they’re having fun and why wouldn’t they?  If we got to smell delicious seafood and create colorful cocktails all day, we would too.
Boardwalk Put-in-Bay Instagram
@shoresandislands – Okay, so this one technically isn’t “All Put-in-Bay” like the others, but they do such a good job with the Put-in-Bay photos they do post, we had to include them.  From soothing videos with water lapping on the shoreline to colorful sunsets that look like oil paintings, the Lake Erie Shores & Islands is another great place to get your fix.  And we’ll admit it, there’s some other great places around this area as well.  Alright, there’s a lot of them.
Lake Erie Shores & Islands Instagram
Bonus Follow: @millerboatline – You didn’t think we weren’t going to include ourselves did you?  Our very own Katrina Reed does a phenomenal job and there’s nothing wrong with a little shameless self promotion.  Check us out!
Miller Ferry Instagram
Have a few other Put-in-Bay Instragammers you enjoy following?  Please share!

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