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A Boat Load of Smiles: 20 Things About Put-in-Bay That Make Us Smile 

Sure, we could’ve made this list “10 Things About Put-in-Bay That Make Us Smile” or more realistically, “1,000 Things About Put-in-Bay That Make Us Smile,” but we settled on 20 for a good reason.  One smile-worthy thing for every minute it takes to get to South Bass aboard the Miller Ferry.  20 minutes, 20 things.
So, let’s reminisce on another great island summer, revel in another fantastic fall and look at a few things about Put-in-Bay that make us smile.
Waiting for the ferry to Put-in-Bay — Much like that moment when you find out you’re scheduling a trip to the island, the anticipation is just the best.  Whether you’ve been 100 times or taking your maiden voyage, it’s hard not to smile thinking about your island time.
Waiting for the Miller Ferry to Put-in-Bay
Seagulls — For those who live by the water, there’s a solid chance you may take this one for granted.  But for those whose home is landlocked, you know exactly what we’re talking about.  When you here the seagulls comforting caw, you know, it’s island time.
Autumn colors — It may not be New Hampshire, but the fall colors here are pretty amazing.  With limestone cliffs and Lake Erie as the backdrop, those oranges and yellows really pop.
Autumn Colors on Put-in-Bay
Dogs riding the Miller Ferry — Seriously, it’s the best.  If you want to smile and see the look of pure joy, just take a look at a pup riding the ferry.  Flowing fur, flapping gums, it’s all there.  100% pure happiness.  Plus they don’t even have to pay.  Keep smiling pup.
Dog Riding the Miller Ferry to Put-in-Bay
Getting your feet wet — Maybe it’s sitting on the edge of B-dock with your feet hanging down just barely piercing the water or a more full on foot-first plunge at South Bass State Park, there’s something great about running around barefoot.
The food — Perch tacos at The Goat.  Lobster bisque at The Boardwalk.  Crepes from the Old Forge Cafe & Creperie.  Fresh croissants from The Village Bakery.  A mouth-watering reuben from Topsy Turvey.  Food just tastes better on an island, don’t you think?
Patios — Pretty sure we’re making up this statistic, but Put-in-Bay has more patios per capita than every other town its size.  Restaurants and taverns around here really have it right.  The warmth of the sun and the cool breeze of Lake Erie on top of delicious food? Sign us up.
It always seems sunny — Have you ever noticed this?  While you’re basking in the island sun, there’s a solid chance you’ll get a text from your friend on the mainland that reads “Hey, is raining over there?”  And the answer always seems to be a resounding “Nope, sunny. You should’ve come.”
Sunshine Behind the Miller Ferry in Lake Erie
Golf cart rides — Now aside from actual golf courses, there are few places on this planet where golf carts are the most acceptable form of transportation and we like that.  Zooming around from your favorite spot to your next favorite spot with the wind in your hair on a golf cart from E’s — It’s liberating.
Sunsets — We’ll put a South Bass sunset against any other in the world. That is all.
South Bass Island State Park Sunset
Live music — Whether it’s jamming with the Killer Flamingos and The Roundhouse or singing along with The Menu’s at The Beer Barrel, there’s a a seemingly endless amount of good tunes every week.
Park rangers at Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial — Of course we love the view from the top, but if you haven’t had the chance to chew the fat with the park rangers there, please do.  They’re not only extremely knowledgeable and friendly, but a select few are comedians on the side.
Smells — We get it, that may sound a bit weird.  Honestly though, there’s something comforting about particular smells.  Specifically, Chicken Patio.  Once that sweet smell of wine basted chicken hits your nose it’s hard not to smile.  Well, smile and then head into The Roundhouse.
Living in history — Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry was a pretty big deal and we routinely walk around in his 200+ year old footsteps.  The man who is attributed with America gaining control of the Great Lakes during the War of 1812 probably once stood where you have.  Mind blown.
Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial on Put-in-Bay
Halloween — Perhaps the holiday that’s the most creative when it comes to wardrobe, not only do people on Put-in-Bay bust out their best costumes, but sometimes so do the buildings! When’s the last time you saw a building dressed up like a spider?  Hint: The answer is The Roundhouse about ten years ago.
There’s always something going on — Halloween got us thinking, there’s always something happening on Put-in-Bay.  Whether it’s the beloved Oktoberfest, the wacky Bartender Olympics or the historic Road Races Reunion, you’d be hard pressed to find a weekend without a fun event.
Miller Boat Line Cardboat Boat Race
Flip flop tan lines — Nothing annoys your friends more than when you come from a weekend on the island with a clear tan line on your feet.  Wear it proudly fellow islander, wear it proudly.
Middle Bass Island — An extremely relaxing island to the north that may not get the notoriety that South Bass receives, but is still right up there in our eyes.  We’re here for you MBI, you never let us down.  Just check it out everyone…do it.
Wine — Not Napa Valley.  Nor France or Sonoma, but Put-in-Bay.  A little island wine and some cheese at Heineman’s suits us right down to the core.  Take that California!
Familiar Faces — Friends you make on Put-in-Bay aren’t just friends, they’re family.
Put-in-Bay Friends
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