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5 Types of People That Would Love a Miller Ferry Season Pass for Xmas

It’s that time of the year again — From November 1 – December 31, we’re holding our annual Season Pass Sale.  You read that right.  For two whole months, you can buy a fun-promising adult season pass to Put-in-Bay for just $385, which is $40 less than the regular price.  But wait, you’re more of a Middle Bass Island type?  That’ll run you just $450 instead of the normal $500.
Now that we think of it, this would probably be a good time to start thinking holiday gifts.  So with that in mind, we’ve come up with five types of friends or family members that think a season pass for the Miller Ferry would be the perfect gift.
The Adventurer — We all have that one friend of family member who can’t ever sit still, wears nothing but Patagonia and is always talking about how may ounces of luggage weight they saved due to their new hybrid, foldable, state-of-the-art backpack.  This person has most likely visited 12 more countries than you and always has a story about a friend overseas.  Nonetheless, one of their favorite places amidst all of their travels, is Put-in-Bay.
Couple Riding on Miller Ferry to Put-in-Bay
The Photographer — If you’ve seen our blog post labeled “5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Your Put-in-Bay Fix,” you may already know, but this island is ripe for the picking when it comes to pictures.  There’s no doubt that you know someone who always has an Canon SLR around their neck or has more photo editing software on their iPhone than you can count.  This person is a regular Ansel Adams.  This person, needs a season pass.
Put-in-Bay Photographer
The Mariner — Lover of all things nautical, this acquaintance loves, loves, loves Put-in-Bay.  Whether it’s a sailboat or a powerboat they own, they occasionally like to captain their own vessel for the trip, but would rather keep it spotless in the marina.  We’re talking gunnels and decks so clean, you could eat off them.  Which is precisely why they are always going to need a second way to get to South Bass, hence the season pass.
Boat in Put-in-Bay Harbor w:sunset
The Socialite — This individual always hears things like “You should’ve been a politician,” or “My goodness, you know everybody!” The socialite is that friend or family member of yours who can always have a good time, regardless of the circumstances.  This person never met a conversation they didn’t like and is quick to rattle off the names of six to seven friends that just happen to be at whatever particular location they are at any moment.  The socialite is a pretty awesome phenomena.  The socialite loves Put-in-Bay.
Miller Ferry Billy at Put-in-Bay
The Foodie — Anyone who spends more time on Yelp than Facebook and can show you the ideal photo angle for your perch sandwich, would love a season pass to Put-in-Bay.  Their highly developed palate can pinpoint the difference between coriander and cilantro while confidently utilizing the phrases “mouth-watering” and “to die for.”  Lucky for them, Put-in-Bay has more fantastic restaurants than you can count.

Photo Courtesy of Reel Bar Facebook
Photo Courtesy of Reel Bar Facebook

Have another type of person of that would love Put-in-Bay? Share with us!

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