Passenger & Vehicle Service to Put-in-Bay & Middle Bass Island, Ohio

Fish Tales, Nature Trails and What's Open on Put-in-Bay

Es PutinBay Golf Carts is Open
Every weekend more island businesses open
There is a nice variety of shops & restaurants open this weekend. Catch a ferry, rent a cart, grab a bite & take in the view during this laid back time of year at Put-in-Bay.

Fintastic Fishing for Lake Erie in 2017

Ohio Division of Wildlife Rich Carter

“This is the year to catch the walleye of a lifetime” 

Rich Carter, Ohio Division of Wildlife, said fish scientists expect plenty of walleye, yellow perch and bass awaiting anglers at the lake. “The western basin is the best it has been in many, many years,” he said.

Welcome Aboard! Boats & Trailers ~

Plan a fishing trip with a head start from Put-in-Bay
Anglers from Nebraska, Wisconsin & Maine flock to Put-in-Bay for Spring fishing at its finest.

Hidden Gems of South Bass Island

putinbay nature trails
This half-mile loop trail features a gorgeous variety of wildflowers like these native Dutchman’s breeches and even some migratory songbirds. South Bass Island’s preserves & parks are all Free. Explore Put-in-Bay’s wilder side.

South Bass Island Lighthouse

South Bass Island Lighthouse Grounds ~

This gem of a view is located at the South Bass Island Lighthouse less than half a mile from the Miller Ferry Lime Kiln Dock at Put-in-Bay. The Lighthouse may not be open yet, but the view is never closed!

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Bike the Bay

It’s a Beautiful Day to Bike the Bay ~

Pedal your way around the island with a friend & use this Buy One, Get One Coupon!
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