Passenger & Vehicle Service to Put-in-Bay & Middle Bass Island, Ohio

How does freight get to Put-in-Bay or Middle Bass Island?

Miller Ferries carry more than just passengers and vehicles to Put-in-Bay (South Bass Island) and Middle Bass Island, we also carry most of the freight to the islands.

How it works

Your freight is dropped off at the Miller Ferry Catawba Freight office, located one block south of the dock, 419-797-6656. Freight is then reloaded onto a truck and transported via the ferry to the Island.

Freight traveling to Put-in-Bay is processed by us at the Lime Kiln Dock, Put-in-Bay 419-285-2924. You can pick up your delivery during ferry operating hours.

Freight traveling to Middle Bass Island will be processed by Middle Bass Dock Company once it is received on Middle Bass. To contact the Middle Bass Dock Company call 419-285-7404.

Please address your deliveries to:

Your Name
Your Address
Island destination (Put-in-Bay or Middle Bass Island, Ohio)
Your phone number


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