Passenger & Vehicle Service to Put-in-Bay & Middle Bass Island, Ohio

Put-in-Bay Vehicle Guidelines

NEW Vehicle Policy: Proof of accommodation required for weekend vehicle travel.

Cars, motorcycles, RVs, and boats on trailers are all welcome aboard Miller Ferries to Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Island. Our goal is to provide you safe, convenient and reliable ferry transportation. Please note these Guidelines for bringing a vehicle. Open alcoholic containers prohibited on board all Miller Boat Line vessels and premises. Masks are not required while inside your vehicle, UNLESS you have an open air vehicle such as a motorcycle, golf cart, open top Jeep, convertible, etc. Vehicles must be turned off while on board the ferries.

Vehicles Going to Put-in-Bay (South Bass Island)

  • Reservations are not required. Vehicles are taken on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Vehicles can round trip within the same day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. However, because of heavier traffic we are not able to round trip a vehicle within the same day on Saturday, Sunday or a Holiday Monday.
  • Proof of overnight accommodation may be required in order to bring your vehicle to the island.

Vehicles Leaving Put-in-Bay (South Bass Island)

  • During Spring & Fall Schedules -Vehicles must be in line before 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday and in line before 4:00 pm on Sundays and Holiday Mondays in order to be guaranteed passage off Put-in-Bay.
  • During Summer Schedules -Vehicles must be in line before 6:00 pm Daily in order to be guaranteed passage off Put-in-Bay.

Put-in-Bay Vehicles – Driver’s Checklist

  • Anticipate possible “Island Rush Hours” – these peak vehicle travel times may include going to Put-in-Bay on Friday afternoons/evenings, and returning from Put-in-Bay on Sundays and Holiday Mondays. During these peak times, Miller Ferries will sometimes run extra trips.
  • Schedule subject to change without notice.
  • We reserve the right to limit vehicles in order to accommodate passengers.
  • Reservations are not required. Vehicles are transported on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Commercial vehicles over one half ton must have reservations made by 4:00 pm at least a day prior to passage. Please be in line 20 Minutes before departure time.
  • Record high water levels may limit/prohibit some vehicles due to clearance issues.
  • Not responsible for low hanging exhaust or low ground clearance vehicles.
  • Vehicles must be turned off while on board ferries.
  • Motorcycles are taken with vehicles on a first come first serve basis.
    • Two tie-downs and wheel chocks are provided per trip.
    • It is the Captain’s discretion to choose to carry motorcycles during high winds.
    • It is the Captain’s discretion to choose to carry more than two motorcycles without tie-downs.
  • Due to Maritime Security regulations, customers, vehicles and baggage may be subject to inspection.
  • A limit of two 5-gallon appropriated containers of gasoline/propane can be brought on board the ferry.
    All containers must be inside a vehicle. No gasoline/propane containers may be carried on.
  • No construction trucks with saddle tanks in bed of pickup, due to Coast Guard Regulations.
  • Once on board, apply your vehicle’s emergency brake.
  • Thank you for not smoking on board or in shelter houses.
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